Komatsu Process sells retroreflective paint
and ink sprays that have higher nighttime visibility
as well as being a developer of colloidal technology.

Komatsu Process main business areas are colloidal wet dispersion working, dry milling, manufacturing and the sale of compounded products.
Retroreflective ink and paint are innovative reflective products developed by using these technologies.

Komatsu Process is accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in a program that supports medium and small size firms in different fields to develop new areas of business in cooperation. We are going to work fully on the promotion of new business activities in cooperation with other medium and small size firms. Here we introduce the details of the activities.

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Komatsu Process has developed retroreflective paint, ink, spray and watercolors that have a higher nighttime visibility than fluorescent or luminous paint. These are useful for various purposes including signboards, roads, parking lots and fabrics

What Is
Product List
Retroreflective water paint "BRIGHT COAT"
Komatsu Process has achieved high nighttime visibility colored paint with its high technology. The paint is suitable for outdoor use with its high durability. [Application: signboards, roads, parking lots]

Characteristics of BRIGHT COAT  About the Application Method 
Recycled Plastic Adhesive Experiment

Reflective and luminous sheet
Reflective and luminous sheet

With retroreflective and luminous properties suitable for fire exit signs [Application: fire exit, extinguisher sign]

Retroreflective color ink
Retroreflective color ink

7 colors with the retroreflective ability available [Application: clothes, ad flags, signboards]

Retroreflective color spray
Retroreflective color spray

Painting even on rounded surfaces can easily be done because it is a spray type. [Application: wigs, bicycles, clothes]

Retroreflective watercolors
Retroreflective watercolors

Pictures drawn on paper with these watercolors reflect the light back. [Application: poster, drawing paints]

Retroreflective full-color billboards
Retroreflective full-color billboards

Reflective signboards and sheets that have a high nighttime visibility [Application: ad signboards, snowboards]

Other products
Other products

Water emulsion resin that is excellent both in resolution and durability. [Application: dyeing screens]

KGP photosensitive solution and hardener
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