Komatsu Process has achieved high nighttime visibility
colored paint with its high technology.The paint is suitable
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Retroreflective water paint

--Characteristics of BRIGHT COAT--

BRIGHT COAT, is a highly retroreflective water paint, which can be applied with a brush or roller developed by Komatsu Process or with a spray-gun. Safety levels and accident prevention have been greatly improved with its high nighttime visibility.

Reflective Materials which Can Be Painted
Features of BRIGHT COAT

Reflective Materials which Can Be Painted

Conventional sheet-type reflective material could only be stuck onto flat or cylindrical shaped objects.
Liquid type BRIGHT COAT can be applied to any kind of rough or curved surface using a brush or spray. Application possibilities have been greatly increased.
It can be used for road divider curbs, concrete blocks or guardrails as well as for poles or parking curbs at stores or company parking lots to prevent traffic accidents. Especially at nighttime it gives excellent visibility compared to conventional paint.

Example of BRIGHT COAT painted on a railroad crossing fence
* The nighttime photo below was taken with a strobe. It looks white because of strong reflecting light. But the reflected color light can be recognized when illuminated by car headlights
<nighttime photo taken with strobe>
<nighttime photo taken with strobe>

Example of BRIGHT COAT painted on construction tools
<nighttime photo taken with strobe>
<nighttime photo taken with strobe>

Other usage examples

<Main usages>
BRIGHT COAT is useful for structures, roads, tools and equipment where good nighttime visibility is required for improved traffic safety.
* Concrete materials
Railroad crossing fences, railroad sleepers, road dividers, curbs between car roads and sidewalks, parking curbs, highway turnoff areas, highway tollgate fences, electricity pylons, the insides of tunnels, station platforms, quay walls, mooring walls, other concrete structures
* Wood and plastic materials
Billboards, wooden fences, tools, railroad crossing bars
* Steel materials
Guardrails, guard fences, fences, poles, tools, equipment, construction machinery, cargo containers, construction vehicles
* Rubber materials
Fender bars, rubber mats parking curbs, cushion poles, hose

Features of BRIGHT COAT

There are two types of BRIGHT COAT.
1.N type1.N type
This standard type has a highly reflective brightness, but is weak against flooding.

2.AT type2.AT type
This all-weather type keeps its reflectivity even after flooding. But the reflective brightness is slightly less than N type.
 (Please contact us by mail or telephone when you order AT type.)

Characteristics of BRIGHT COAT
--Purchasing BRIGHT COAT--
Orders by weight (kg) can be ordered by email.
300 g bottles can be purchased from our online shop.

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